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Wheel & Tire Discounts With The Best Customer Service for All Pokémon Go Trainers - Because we love our Pokémon Players!

The Best Tire Shop With Nearby Poké Stops!


Hey all you Pokémon Go Trainers!  


Since When Does it PAY to PLAY?

At Green Car Tires, it does pay to play because if you're a pokemon go trainer, we're willing to give you discounts on new + used tires & rims!

We'll also be dropping lures throughout the day to bring in those Pokémons! So, if you're looking for Pokémon, you've come to the right place!

With a Pokémon Go Stop within 50 feet of us, coming to Tire Pawn makes it a convenient option too!


All Pokémon Go Trainers get:

​-Exclusive Pokémon Go Trainer Discounts

-Free Wi-Fi Internet

-Clean washroom

-Get amazing deals on New + Used Tires

-Vending Machine

-Free Phone Charging

-Poké Stop right near us.

-Catch New Pokémons

We're giving away discounts on tires & rims you need for your cars, because we love our Pokémon Go Trainers!

You'll find us very friendly + approachable & we really have the best customer service you'll find anywhere. If you'd like to read some more on why we're the best Tire Shop around, Check Out Tire Pawn Reviews.

We Want To Be Your #1 PokéShop Tire Shop!


Attention ALL Poké Trainers!

We Sell new + used Wheels 'n' Tires

Welcome ALL Pokémon Trainers!

We're the friendliest Tire Shop in Toronto & the GTA!

Share knowledge + tips with other Pokémon GO players

Our Used tires are soo good, I'm sure even Professor Oak would use them!

*Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.

We got the best tires at the best prices to get you to all of your pokémon gyms and Poké Stops Safely!

Let Us Be Your Poké Shop!

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