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  Toronto's Only Tire + Rim Pawn Shop!   

Why sell your tires & rims to us at Tire Pawn?

•  The process is easy & only takes a few minutes.

•  Get instant cash right on the spot or get trade-in value towards a new set of tires.

•  No appointment needed

•  It's safe & we have no-contact options. 


We can eliminate the "un-knowns" of selling a used tire. With our high-pressure Tire Testing Process, we're easily able to see any sort of defect like like a pin hole leak, cuts, belt shifts, bead leaks, sidewall bulges & cracks instantly. By having this unique machine, we're able to test any used car tire from 14" all the way up to 20" tires.


We typically buy any good used wheels you might have lying around your garage or basement. We ask that you physically bring to us any good wheels or tires you might have for sale so we can see them first hand. Once we see the used wheels you have for sale, we'll take a quick preliminary look at your wheels & make you a cash offer or give you a trade in value on your used wheels. If you like the offer, we'll do a further inspection by checking for cracks bends, scrapes or wobbles.

There's never any high pressure sales tactics + no obligation at all.



Anyone wanting to spend money on upgrading or going through the effort of changing the look of their vehicle with wheels are going to want nice looking wheels - plain & simple. As you can imagine, wheels with curb scrapes, bends, cracks or missing pieces/center caps or other cosmetic damage to the wheel are considered un-sellable & therefore we typically would then make an offer on it's scrap value.



Tires are throughly inspected.
-We first check the date of manufacture. We don't typically buy tires older than 4 years. 
-We'll look for defects or imperfections  such as sidewall damage or bulges, pin hole leaks, belt shifts, dry cracks, etc.
Tires  that do not pass our inspection process will be deemed as "scrap." We don't pay for scrap tires however we can dispose of these tires for FREE.

Once we've had a good look at your good used tires or rims, we'll make you an offer right on the spot.

If you like the offer you can use it as trade-in value towards a new set of tires or you can get cash right on the spot.

The whole process takes only a few minutes.

damaged tire bead example
example of tire belt shift
Example of used tire with tire cracking
how to check your tires date of manufacture

Trade-In Your Used Tires Today! Takes 2 minutes.

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