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At Tire Pawn, we buy, sell & trade used tires & we also offer full tire services like:

• Wheel balancing
• Robotic Tire installations up to 26"

• Convenient tire storage
• Rim repairs

We also service ELECTRIC + HYBRID VEHICLES like:

• Polestar
• Tesla
• Genesis
• Hyundai Ioniq/Kona
• Kia Niro

*We have specific equipment for these vehicles.


Hunter Revolution Touchless Tire Changer.jpg

Tire Pawn is the most comprehensive one stop, tire shop in the G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area) At Tire Pawn we don't just buy, sell & trade tires & rims, we provide expert wheel + tire services, like computerized wheel balancing, state-of-the-art robotic tire changes.



  • Will talk with you to find out your needs & always provide fair & honest service.

  • Are the ONLY Tire Shop that Buys Your Good Used Tires for Cash.

  • Are the ONLY Tire Shop You Can Trade In Your Good Used Tires Towards New Tires.

  • Are the ONLY Tire Shop that offers free life-time flat repairs on new tires.

  • Have the Largest selection of New Wheel + Tire Brands Available.

  • Have the largest inventory of the best quality used tires in stock.

  • Have the industry's best guarantee on all high-quality used tires we sell.

  • Offer the highest level of customer service you'll find anywhere.

TIRE PAWN is Not Your Average Tire Shop!
Our business model contributes to green sustainability and performs a community service. 

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