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Here's Our Story On CTV NEWS!

Looking For Cheap Winter Tires? Drivers Can Now Save Upto 50% or More!

Looking For Big Savings On Buying Winter Tires? 

CTV's Consumer Alert Journalist, Pat Foran Tells You Where To Find The Best Savings When Buying

Your Tires in the Greater Toronto Area.

Check Out His Story On Us!

Roll in your tires, We'll roll out the cash!



Tired of Kijiji or Craigslist ?

Sell Us Your Used Wheels & Tires!

Got Wheels or Tires sitting around in your garage or basement taking up valuable space?


Avoid all the hassles of listing your wheels or tires for sale on sites like or and having to bear the battle of haggling back & forth, intimdation tactics - with person after person in hopes to get a fair price for your used wheels & tires! 


            At, we always offer a fair cash price when we buy any               of your used car or truck wheels or tires.

TIRE PAWN is regarded as 

"The Best Tire Shop" in Toronto.

Here's why:


TIRE PAWN BUYs your used tires & rims for cash!

     Do you have any used tires or wheels lying around at home in your garage, basement, loft or storage locker.....heck, maybe even your living room?! 

Either way, bring in what you have to our location in Toronto/Scarborough & we'll make you a cash offer right on the spot. Selling your Tires & Rims in Toronto could not be easier!




    Here at TIRE PAWN, we sell both new & used tires & rims. We often have amazing new tire & wheel specials &  tire deals that sell-out & change all the time. Of course, we also offer new tire rebates on all new eligible tires too! We sell nearly all name brands of tires, like Cooper, Michelin, Goodyear, Toyo, Falken.. to name a few. At TIRE PAWN, we also sell New performance rims & winter wheels.

At TIRE PAWN, we sell seriously large quantities of used tires & wheels.

In fact, our used tires are in such high demand & our used tire & wheel inventory rotates soo fast - we're forced to operate on a first come, first served basis! 

The difference between other used Tire Shops is that at TIRE PAWN, we not only have the largest supply of good used tires, but we truly have the best quality used tires for sale in all of Ontario! Come by anytime & see for yourself.



At TIRE PAWN you can TRADE in your used tires & rims!

    No other Tire Shop in Toronto offers trade-in value for your used tires or wheels.Trade in old used tires for for purchase value towards buying other tires or rims we sell - Either new or used at Tire Pawn.


TIRE PAWN is a full service tire & rim shop for all your needs. Wether you'd like to buy, sell or trade and used tires or rims you might have, have tires or wheels installed & balanced, perform a tire rotation, or looking for amazing deals on buying new tires & wheels come by & see how we can help you Today!




What Wheels & Tires do you Trade-In or Buy ?

    We will buy any wheels or tires that are in sellable condition.

    We deal with the public, Leasing companies, Car Dealerships, Auto Garages and even Bailiffs. We are your #1 source for tire & wheel liquidations in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Want to sell a few wheels & tires you have sitting around from a previous car lease?    Bring them by today and turn your tires to Cash NOW! We're SAFE & HASSLE FREE.

Tire Pawn - Slide Show

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